Voyage to Iceland – August 2014

Chapter 10. By a River | 65°40’59.3″ x 17°33’03.1″ RRRR

  • Piece of Blue Machinery, with Music

    It looks like the frame for a large bell to hang from or like a picture frame—its back legs
    prop up its front. It beeps,—not pretty sounding,

    not like the music from the lone house in the clearing below—and trundles backwards,
    slowly—the eastern ridge, far away slides through its harness

    like the head of a horse. Now that I’m thinking, we were in Denver last year,
    admiring those different mountains, the cigarettes

    were much cheaper, but the sculpture we saw from Dedesee park
    had the same dark nostrils, deep in- and exhalation

    flared over the land, while the farmers checked the books
    and you slid your hand between my legs to play—

    blue horse, hooves raised.

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